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Thanks for the response, just need to follow up my question 3.
You say you don’t need any details of the work I’ve done for the self assessment but I need to retain records in case of audit. Fine, how much info to keep? As I’m an absolute beginner in self employment I don’t know how much information you need? I would of course need to keep all fuel receipts for travel, dates and places of jobs and types of work carried out. Often my work is done alone and I wont have details of the end client because an agent got me the work and I supply the agency with photos etc. is there any other data I should consider capturing for audit purposes in my self employment?
Also in terms of using my vehicle for part time self employment, is it possible to claim some expenses on costs of vehicle maintenance and repairs, given that the vehicle is not only used for the work I do but also some leisure travel at weekends and commuting to my other employment but is essential to my self employed work?
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I currently work 15 hours a week for an employer, my pay there is no more than £6k per year. I have also chosen to start work self employed part time, doing some photographic work, I have registered as sole trader a few days ago with HRMC and opened a bank account for my self employment requirements. I get my self employed work from an online agency, and I do not expect my combined yearly earnings to exceed £10k.

1. As I am getting work via an agent, can i submit my travel expenses (car fuel receipts) as part of my self assessment when time arises, as the agent does not reimburse fuel costs so I wonder if this is reclaimed through tax?

2. if my combined earnings are £10k per year does this mean i am still exempt from paying tax on that income as per the tax free limit?

3. My self employed jobs come via an app on a phone, when it is time for self assessment what information do you need from me about the self employment work I have been doing? is a pdf with dates of job and type of job sufficient or if not, what information do you need?