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I run a UK Limited company, serve as Managing Director. Completely unrelated to this, I have been asked to teach at a university abroad (EEA), in my own capacity, for 2 weeks. They require me to present form A1.

Form A1 can be requested in various ways, but none seem to fit.

I am NOT being sent abroad by my employer (my company). I work self-employed under contract at the university. This isn't billed through my company, just me personally.

At the same time, I am NOT self-employed in the UK, I don't teach here, I don't have any other self-employment going on.

Going through the various forms available, I seem to have to pick one of the two options above. Either, my UK company is sending me abroad (this isn't accepted by the university, they can't accept staff sent by a company-transfer, must be self-employed) — or, I have to specify how long my UK self-employment has been going on (which it hasn't), and stating the time range the assignment at the university happens, this stops the form with "date must be in the past".

What to do?