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Hi Caroline,
Travel between a home and a permanent workplace is ordinary commuting and an employee cannot have tax relief or be paid an expense for such journeys. A place is a permanent workplace if the employee attends it regularly for the performance of the duties of the employment and it is not a temporary workplace. In my view the attendance for 3 days a week makes head office a permanent workplace.
You can find more information about this in Chapter 3 of this guide Employee travel

I have made the assumption that the current company car attracts company car benefit but not company car fuel benefit. If fuel is provided for private journeys and there is a fuel benefit charge, the journey is covered by the car fuel benefit charge in any case.
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Reply 2/8/17 09:22:54

Hello Jeremy
Thank you for your recent post.
If you pay employees/directors only once a year then you can request an ‘annual scheme, for payroll from us. At present you need to contact the employer helpline after registering as an employer to do this.
More information and contact details can be found via this link
(just scroll down until you see the heading ‘Annual payroll scheme for PAYE’

With regard to NI for directors, contributions are worked out from annual earnings rather than from what they earn in each period. Again, there is more information via this link

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Jeremy 1/8/17 14:03:46


I am a director of a new company. I plan to take dividends and a salary from the company. I also have an employment at another job.
What are my payroll and NI responsibilities? Can I run one payroll run per year at the end of March? Do I have to register for NI?

Thank you

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Reply 31/8/17 17:53:37

Hi Ifey,
The company will be registered with HMRC Corporation Tax directly from information supplied by Companies House.

A letter (CT41G ‘Information for new companies’) will be issued to the registered office address shortly after incorporation giving further information. It will explain what to do next if the Company is active/trading or not.

This link
gives information/definitions re when a company would be considered active or dormant.

If you do not consider the Company to be trading or likely to start trading in the near future, then you would write to CT Services or contact the CT helpline to advise that the company is dormant.

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Ifey 30/8/17 15:21:27

Good day

I am a start-up company from the University, our company was register with company house on 08/09/2017. However, we are not yet trading and still carrying out mainly research work.
Kindly advice if we are supposed to register for corporation tax and if not what are we supposed to do


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Reply 10/8/17 14:23:22

Hi Gordz
Thank you for your post. Yes you will need to register as self employed. You can register using this link

You can join us on our live webinars ( Getting Started) using this link

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Gordz 9/8/17 14:09:05


I currently work full time.

I have been thinking of selling items in eBay buying to sell...If i was to do so would i have to pay tax on these items? Would i have to register as a small business?? I have very little knowledge on taxes etc.

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Reply 12/5/17 13:15:46

Due to the nature of your query we would recommend that you contact the CT Helpline on 0300 200 3410. They can help you with this issue.
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Gruffydd 9/5/17 06:10:33


I would really be grateful for some advice on how best to set up as self-employed given my situation.

I am currently employed but my job will end in the summer and I will receive what is effectively a redundancy payment. I will be earning then from two streams of self-employment: as a photographer and then also doing some unrelated freelance training. For the training I need to set up a limited company - it's the way the company providing the work operates.

The complicated bit: I have bought equipment for my photography business that I wish to claim as capital expenses against tax. If I was a sole trader for the photography business, I could, I believe, deduct these equipment costs as business expenses and reduce the tax liability I have from income earned this tax year through employment, my redundancy payment and any income from the photography business.

However, if I set up a private limited company to run both employment streams, could I only offset the cost of the photographic equipment against future profits of the company (which may be a while away), giving me no relief on the tax I have to pay on my employment income and redundancy payment?

Therefore, sole trader for my photography business looks like the best model, unless anyone can tell me differently.

I am not trying to cheat the system, just find the best way of making the (limited amount of) money I have work best for me, and therefore give me the best chance of success in my business.

Thanks very much.
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Reply- 16/8/17 09:59:52


Thank you for your post. You will need to tell HMRC that you have started a new business. This link
takes you to further guidance including the form to register your new business.

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officebee- 11/8/17 10:30:36

I am a company director and registered for self assessment for that. I have also just started up a sole trader business, do I need to do anything extra with HMRC? They are completely separate businesses in unrelated fields.

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Reply 12/9/17 14:56:21

Hi Adam
Thank you for your enquiry. Please see link on How to Register With HMRC when you become self employed here

You may also like to join us on future live and recorded webinars from this link

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AShilliday- 12/9/17 14:12:47


I am soon to move from working for a company being employed to having my own business and being self employed only. What forms do I need to fill in so that my new tax status takes affect when this happens?

Many thanks

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reply 11/10/2017 08:52:16

If you registered as a partnership online, this will take approximately 5 weeks to deal with the form once HMRC receive it. A letter with the partnership Unique Taxpayer Reference will be issued to the address you registered the partnership at. Please see this link

Kind regards
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posted by James_toro 10/10/17 13:01:05

hello I applied to start a partnership 8 days ago. any one able to help me on how long it took them before they got their code through and know how long it takes as we are not able to trade on amazon until I am registered.

many thanks in advance