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Hello, I am from Scotland / my companies registered office is also in Scotland. Recently, I managed to get some work as a contractor in London - I would appreciate your guidance on the following :

[1] I rented a sharing accommodation in London and pay monthly rent - please confirm if this is allowable as my business expenses?

[2] I travel every day from this rented accommodation to the place where I am working as a contractor, please confirm if this is allowable business expenses - I am not acting as a direct employee and this is not my permanent place of work;

[3] I also travel back once in a month to my home in Scotland either by plane OR by car, my residential address is also my registered office address for my company, I then do some work, and try to find other contracting work during my stay in Scotland, please confirm if this travel by car and plane are also my business expenses? ALL of my other colleague in similar position are already claiming these expenses since last 10 years as their business expenses, but I need to confirm with you please advise!

Thank you in advance,