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my last payment in financial year2018/19 was march 25th and it included payment for fostering up to that date. The children remained with me until beyond april 5th and i will receive payment for 26/3 to 5/4 in a payment on april 17th which is obviously in 2019/20. Instead of doing detailed income and expenditure I just use the simplifired weekly allowance system

When calculating my income do I

a just use income to march 25 and weekly (daily ?) allowance to that date (effectively treating things as if tax year ended 25/3)
b just use income to march 25 but use allowances to april 5th
c allocate some of april payment (received in 2019/20) as income for 26/3 to 5/4 and also set off allowances for same period.

Providing I do same each year it would seem no harm done but as this is my first full year I would appreciate how best to do this.