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We need a new (2017) Certificate of Residency to send to a client in Armenia. A prolonged session on your website failed to find any way to do this on-line, but yielded a telephone number. A call then established that the ONLY way to apply is to write a letter containing certain items of information and post it, together with the information that since you are all so frightfully busy, it will probably not even get opened for 2 or 3 weeks, let alone dealt with. The Armenian client's comments about 3rd-world administrative inefficiency are hard to bear.

What makes it worse is that in many areas HMRC is insisting that everything is done on line, but appears to have very poor IT knowledge and skills so that processes are often convoluted, old-fashioned, and - evidently from the Press - are insecure and prone to failure.

That aside, can we expect to be able to request a Certificate of Residency on-line in the reasonably near future, with a downloadable and instant issue? There is no reason whatsoever that this process cannot be fully automated for the vast majority of such certificates.

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Your response is an excellent illustration of what annoys tax payers. Someone makes a well-thought out suggestion for something which HMRC should have done years ago without any prompting, ie a specific bulletin for the self-employed to announce the changes in the Budget, and you simply reply by saying you "don't have" that, and suggesting less than satisfactory alternatives. The very reason for the suggestion is that you "don't have" such a thing; why bother to tell the enquirer that? And I bet he or she has already tried the alternatives; that's probably what prompted the suggestion.
If you are going to run a forum for taxpayers that simply responds with defensive statements of the obvious you are wasting your and our time.
I came across this while on the site for another reason. Let's hope I get a more positive response.