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Subject: Two jobs/ one s/e 26/01/2018 14:27:13
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It is difficult to advise on how much tax you will pay without being able to access your record. In the 16/17 tax year the first £11,000 you earn is tax free. The next £32,000 you earn over this is charged at 20%.

If you need us to access your account, please contact our web chat facility at;

Subject: Two jobs/ one s/e 26/01/2018 14:18:13
I get paid £1000 a month and pay a small amount of tax, also pay national insurance, registered as self employed, just about to send return, I have only made about 2,000 in total from self employment when expenses are taken off, how much will I pay as I have paid some already in first job, will it be a small amount like other job? Totally confused here