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From 30 September 2015, you will no longer be able to connect to HMRC online services using the SSLv3 protocol. For the majority of online customers this will mean no change. The SSLv3 protocol is considered insecure and is no longer supported by many browsers. You should ensure your browser (or other software) is capable of using and configured to use 'Transport Layer Security' (TLS) 1.0 or above, (TLS1.1 and 1.2). If you are uncertain about the type of secure connection your browser or other software can support, you can check it at Hows my SSL. HMRC regularly provides information detailing current important issues and HMRC Online Services Availability.

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From 8 August 2015 you will need JavaScript enabled to log in to your online account. You will get an error message if you try to log in without this. This can usually be enabled within your browser settings. To do this search "enableJavascript" on your internet browser.

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HMRC has made changes to how some of its online services look. The changes don't affect how the services operate, they just make them more consistent with the new GOV.UK website and new cross-Government branding.

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It's really important that your contact details are kept up to date so that HMRC can confirm your submission receipt by email and you can obtain new passwords online.

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